Grab 'em Ups

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Grab 'em Ups


Developer Nindento
Generations I
Released 2019
Platforms 88bitmusic
Rating Absurd[1]

"There's no way that you're ever gonna be able to snatch these all" - Grab'em-ups marketing slogan

"Who needs to eat when you can have eternal fame in the form of Grab 'em Up ownership?" - Meeses

Can you SNATCH 'EM ALL? Nindento Grab'em-Ups are the latest craze! Snatch 'em all with the $8.88 alert. (See bottom of page for useful information).


Nindento Grab 'em ups are an innovative new multimedia franchise brought to you by gaming's greatest genius,[2] Trevor Gomes! First introduced in 2019, they have become the rage among all gaming and collecting nuts, and have received critical acclaim for their graphical quality, originality, and psychological complexity.

Creative Process

All Grab 'em ups are totally original creations brought forth whole from Trevor Gomes's mind on the spur of the moment. Any alleged similarity to other franchises (Such as Nintendo's Pokemon) is either pure coincidence or malicious slander.

Super Schlorpio Kart 64

Nindento Grab 'em ups have a starring role in the smash-hit crossover game Super Schlorpio Kart 64, where they can positively or negatively influence the outcome of a run, with zany, outlandish, and downright hilarious powers! Spice up your game with Grab 'em ups today![3]

Purchase Information

For the price of only $8.88, you can acquire your own Grab 'em up. Chunknugget, Cleffoofle, America Bird, Gloomlord, Shrubgunner, BonkBonk, ShewShew, and the rest of the gang are waiting for you. There's no way you'll ever be able to snatch these all![4]

Nintend0 Lawsuit

Concept Art for the Unreleased Official Grab 'em ups Clothing Line.

In October 2019, Nindento attempted to release a dynamic, luxurious line of official Grab 'em ups merchandise, however, legal complications with Nintendo Co. Ltd. prevented its launch. Some unreasoning, vindictive individuals have alleged that this was because of copyright infringement on the part of Nindento, however, there is no evidence whatsoever to back up this outrageous claim.[5]

Real World History

(Warning: The Following is top secret and not to be repeated outside the confidence of the 88bit community).

Grab 'em ups were born when Trevor Gomes made a stream incentive for 1200 subs that he would draw all 151 original Gen 1 Pokémon from memory. While he originally intended to accomplish this in a single stream, the situation swiftly spiraled out of control as Trevor Gomes made increasingly silly and elaborate drawings, even as they differed widely from the originals.

Trevor Gomes christened them "Grab 'em ups," as an awkward parody of Pokemon, and he and the 88bitcommunity swiftly embraced these wonky creatures, who have since become a key part of the channel lore. Thus, only a small number were completed the first day, and from there their creation has continued on and off ever since.

Trevor Gomes soon created the $8.88 to "snatch" a Grab em up, and they have since appeared in other projects (Such as Super Schlorpio Kart 64) with the universal conceit that they are 100%, totally original creations.

Also, while Trevor Gomes did at one point want to launch Grab 'em ups merch, it was never attempted due to the potential legal risk. There was never any actual legal action.

Grab 'em Ups
Generation I #001 Bobblesaur | #002 Plantyboy | #003 Scoochyplant | #004 Charbroiler | #005 Chardmelon | #006 Charblezarbs | #007 Squirt'ems | #008 Warpturtle | #009 Blapstoys | #010 Slideybug | #011 Meddlepod | #012 Butternut | #013 Beeble | #014 Beeble 2 | #015 Sting'ems | #016 Pigeon | #017 Pigeon Otto | #018 America Bird | #019 Sneak'n'steal | #020 Rabblecake | #021 Speedo | #022 Feebo | #023 Snackens | #024 Slither Lad | #025 Chunknugget | #026 Night Rat | #027 ShewShew | #028 Spike'ems | #029 Needmoreram Male | #030 Needlerhino | #031 Needleking | #032 Needmoreram Female | #033 Needereener | #034 Needlequeen | #035 Cleffoofle | #036 Cleffooble | #037 Stylerat | #038 Lots o' Wagglers | #039 Puff n' Stuff | #040 Wigglystuff | #041 Carrot | #042 Golbolb | #043 Odd Dish | #044 Gloomlord | #045 Shrubgunner | #046 Yassperr | #047 Stab n' Scuttle | #048 Spopky Boi | #049 Floaty McPoint'ems | #050 Slurp 'Ems | #051 Venmonat | #052 Bugbug | #053 Singledingus | #054 Tripledingus | #055 Moneychonker | #056 Bigcat | #057 Duck'ems | #058 Wooshyduck'ems
  1. May contain mild blood, gore, and disturbing images. Not suitable for children under the age of thirty.
  2. Citation needed.
  3. Each Grab 'em up sold separately. Customer satisfaction not guaranteed.
  4. (Extremely legal disclaimer: these alerts have no value whatsoever and are literally 8 second mp4s that you shouldn't even want to see, like, seriously, what is your deal if you do this, even? You're out of your minds. Go buy some V-bucks or something, I don't know, I'm not your dad.)
  5. Suit settled out of court.