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Bitdex Number #046
Type Cyborg
Special moves Clawstrike
Evolution Stab n' Scuttle
Owner Sassy

Yassperr is the property of Lil Miss Sassypants. Yassperr is a cyborg type, was introduced in Generation I, and is #046 in the Bit-Dex. It evolves into Stab n' Scuttle.


Yassperr is a half robot/half crab/half mushroom crime against nature.

Major Appearances

Yassperr is one of the Grab 'em Ups featured in the !grabalerts and can be "captured" by donating $8.88 (Extremely legal disclaimer: these alerts have no value whatsoever).

Super Schlorpio Kart 64

Yassperr does not not appear as one of the twelve Grab 'em ups dropped by Satchoogle, however, numerous Yassperrs can be seen patrolling the shores of Pappy Beach. It has not yet been discovered whether they are a native or an invasive species.

Additional Information

While of the the Grab 'em ups were voiced by Trevor Gomes, the audio for Yassperr was graciously provided by Blessious. How he created it remains unknown.