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Bitdex Number #027
Type Peanut
Special moves Cute Stampede
Evolution Spike'ems
Owner Audriana

ShewShew is a good boy and the starter Grab 'em Up of Audriana. ShewShew is a peanut type, was introduced in Generation I, and is #027 in the Bit-Dex. It evolves into Spike'ems.


ShewShew is singularly mysterious in Grab 'em upology, as it appears to be a blend of mouse and peanut, with an adorably chubby body/shell, as well as adorable eyes, nose, and ears.

How this extraordinary combination is achieved remains a mystery, partly because ShewShew is too cute to disect.

Major Appearances

ShewShew is one of the Grab 'em Ups featured in the !grabalerts and can be "captured" by donating $8.88 (Extremely legal disclaimer: these alerts have no value whatsoever).

Super Schlorpio Kart 64

In Super Schlorpio Kart 64, ShewShew is one of twelve Grab 'em Ups that can be dropped by Satchoogle. When summoned, a heard of ShewShews cross the screen, sweeping the kart along with them. Thus, it is among the positive Grab 'em Ups, and is one of the most powerful, surpassed only by Cleffoofle. However, in order to achieve full effect, the kart must remain within the herd, which can be difficult on the unpredictable courses of Schlorpio Kart.

Additional Information

ShewShew was the first Grab 'em up to actually be cute, and is a creator and fan favorite.