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Bitdex Number #044
Type Sadness
Special moves Despondency
Evolution Shrubgunner
Owner Dudesmiley

Gloomlord totally sucks and is the property of Dudesmiley. Gloomlord is of an unknown type, was introduced in Generation I, and is #044 in the Bit-Dex. It is the evolution of Odd Dish and evolves into Shrubgunner.


Gloomlord has a bulbous purple body, resembling some sort of root vegetable, with tiny arms and legs and garishly large feet. It has drooping mop of leaves, with one stylishly pulled across its face to express the depths of its sorrow. It has a crown of noxious petals, though one seems to be missing.

Gloomlord also seems to be perpetually crying, though whether this is genuine or not has yet to be discerned.

Major Appearances

Gloomlord is one of the Grab 'em Ups featured in the !grabalerts and can be "captured" by donating $8.88 (Extremely legal disclaimer: these alerts have no value whatsoever). Seriously, it's the worst. It's the worst Grab 'em Up. Aside from Carrot. But we don't talk about Carrot.

Despair Train

During the Despair Train incident, when Trevor Gomes's level of despair became despondent, an ominous, ghostly apparition of Gloomlord began to haunt him, accompanied by fiendish screams. So far, this spectral figure has not reappeared, though its defeat was never confirmed.

Additional Information

Why is Gloomlord so gloomy? Because it lost its front petal of course. Wouldn't you be gloomy?