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Bitdex Number #035
Type Adorable
Special moves Sparkle Rain
Evolution Cleffooble
Owner dragnmastr85

Cleffoofle is the only actually good grab 'em up and belongs to dragnmastr85. Cleffoofle is #035 in the Bit-Dex. It is also adorable. It evolves into Cleffooble.


Cleffoofle seems to be somewhere in between a ball of cotton candy and a rabbit, with adorable eyes, adorable feet, adorable ears, adorable hands, and an adorable curl on top of its head. It is also adorable.

Major Appearances

Cleffoofle is one of the Grab 'em Ups featured in the !grabalerts and can be "captured" by donating $8.88 (Extremely legal disclaimer: these alerts have no value whatsoever). It is also adorable.

Super Schlorpio Kart 64

In Super Schlorpio Kart 64, Cleffoofle is one of twelve Grab 'em Ups that can be dropped by Satchoogle. Cleffoofle is one of the most powerful positive Grab 'em ups, as it unleashes a rain of sparkles which causes the kart to zoom at fantastic speeds. It is also adorable.

Additional Information

It looks nothing like the source material, or at least it wouldn't, if their was source material, which their isn't. It is also adorable.