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Bitdex Number #008
Type Undefined
Special moves Undefined
Evolution Blapstoys
Owner none

Warpturtle is of an unknown type, was introduced in Generation I, and #008 in the Bit-Dex. It is the evolution of Squirt'ems, and evolves into Blapstoys.


Warpturtle has a blobby torso, presumably akin to a turtle, though this is unconfirmed. It has a suspiciously poofy grey tail, questionably small arms and legs, and a strangely flat expression.

Major Appearances

Warpturtle has yet to make any major appearances in the Nindento franchise or associated merchandise, and is not featured in the !grabalerts.

Additional Information

Warpturtle has received little attention from the Grab 'em ups creative team or fan base, which generally lean towards the later Gen I Grab 'em ups, which were made after budget and schedule changes enabled increased production value.