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Bitdex Number #041
Type Useless
Special moves none
Evolution Golbolb
Owner BPG

Carrot is a useless-type Grab 'em Up introduced in Generation I and is #041 in the Bit-Dex. It evolves into Golbolb, though researchers are still unsure how this happens.


Carrot's body and wings resemble the orange root vegetable of the same name. It has no eyes, two fangs, and two purple legs (or tails? What even are they?) that differ in size.

Rather than repeating its name, as most Grab 'em Ups do, Carrot simply begs for death. Do not feel bad for Carrot. It deserves this.

Major Appearances

Carrot is one of the Grab 'em Ups featured in the !grabalerts and can be "captured" by donating $8.88 (Extremely legal disclaimer: these alerts have no value whatsoever). The first Carrot was captured by BPG. Sorry, BPG.

Super Schlorpio Kart 64

In Super Schlorpio Kart 64, Carrot is one of twelve Grab 'em Ups that can be dropped by Satchoogle. When summoned, Carrot will be run over by the kart and fall through the track. This is definitely intentional and not a bug at all. Carrot is considered one of the positive Grab 'em Up effects in the game, though everyone knows it is actually incredibly useless.

Additional Information

None of this really matters because Carrot is definitively the worst Grab 'em Up. Seriously. You don't want this thing.