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Strevor Stromes


Full Name
Strevor Stromes
Degrees 2
Cats 1
Roommates 0
Keys 245
Followers 35,276
Chin Height Approx. 2”
"Spouse" Dondy
Net worth !rich
When? Future
Where? Mempis
Special Moves Pitch-up
Evolves from Prof
Evolution djWHEAT
Weapon Fly Swatter
Alter Ego 88bitmusic
Alternate Names

TS?X8Weirdletter.png, Shlevor


Maja, Totoro, Pikachu, Beartato


Geico, Teletubbies, AndytheFrenchy, "Dr." Phil

"Mr. Rogers' delinquent nephew" - Professor Jonathan Whom


"It's not you that's great, it's your hands" - AndyTheFrenchy, 2020

"He probably dreams in pixelart because his mind is too slow to process HD" - AndyTheFrenchy, 2020

"trevor never godes the thing that things does people do" - Cashwarrior1

Strevor Stromes (née Trevor, also known as 88bitmusic) was spawned by 88bitmama and 88bitdad one fateful Spring day in 1989. He has played the piano since he was 7, started composing when he was 10, and first started liking cream cheese when he was 19. He has a Master’s Degree in Composition but can’t remember where his keys are. He is so happy that you are watching him right now. He currently lives in western Tennessee with his loving kitty, Maja, and his beloved stuffed bear, Beartato.


The Pappy Beach Era

Strevor Stromes's California streaming residence was formerly Pappy Beach, CA, home of the original Pappy's Kosher Dogs and filled to the brim with bountiful, beautiful beaches.

The Memphibian Epoch

In 2019, 88bitmusic moved! Strevor Stromes is now in Memphis and is streaming FULL TIME, which means more shenanigans, more bitbois, and more good times![1]

"Terbor Homes moobed to Mempis, Tenniesee. Hee-haw 🤠."

Extended Universe

Strevor Stromes bears the non-canon title "Professor Trevorious A. Hernando-Gomez the 3rd, King of Portugal, Emperor of the United States, Lord of Mempis, Holder of the Toots of Consolation, Wielder of the Sword of Schlorp, Meme-Bringer the boneless."


On January 19, 2022, we learned that Trevor is a cyborg. This is somehow possible because of his socks. Look, I don't understand it either, but he told me to put it on the wiki and I'm bound by blood to do so. The clip where it's revealed can be found at

According to Trevor himself, this is how the logic goes:

"orange tips on guns mean they're fake

therefore the orange tips on my socks meant they're fake socks

which means fake feet

which means fake human

= cyborg

= i am a cyborg

flawless logic"

Serious Stuff


With live piano music, original chat-controlled games, and the most mind-meltingly over the top rendition of Toto's "Africa" ever made, 88bitmusic is creating the content that Twitch never knew it needed. Streaming out of his elaborate home studio in Memphis, he constantly brings new things to the world of livestreaming with his unique brand of entertainment and top tier music skills.


Strevor Stromes Alan Gomes is an LA-native composer and pianist, specializing in film and choral music. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in composition from BIOLA University and a Master of Music degree in composition from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. His choral works have been performed by numerous vocal ensembles, including the Pepperdine University Chamber Choir, the BIOLA University Chorale and the San Francisco Choral Artists. In film, he has composed numerous scores for LEGO® and has assisted with orchestration for such films as Bridge of Spies and Spectre. [2] He works extensively as a composer, arranger and pianist. Past/current clients include Disney, Knott's Berry Farm,, JAC Redford (orchestrator of Skyfall, Wall-E, Finding Nemo) and Video Games Live. [3]


Gary the Piano

Of choice

NOT of choice


Strevor Stromes tutoring NPH

Strevor Stromes starred in an episode of Glee, in which he helped launch Neil Patrick Harris' career.

  1. *Actual house may vary, consult manual for instructions. Do not attempt to construct without adult supervision.