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Bitbutt depicts the backside of a suspiciously overweight Pikachu. Said Pikachu is wearing jean shorts, and with a somewhat suggestive expression. It is used whenever the topic of rear-ends is brought up.


BitButt has possibly the most tortured history of any 88bitmusic emote. The original version of bitButt was introduced on May 25, 2017.

Suspension Controversy

On May 24, 2019, two years after its initial upload, Trevor Gomes received word that this emote violated Twitch's terms of service, despite it originally receiving approval. This angered Trevor Gomes, and provoked widespread outrage among the 88bitmusic community. However, Twitch held firm, with the result that bitButt was removed from circulation.

The Return

However, Trevor Gomes swiftly laid plans to attain his vengeance, with the help of Ckibe, and together they produced the current bitButt, which was introduced on July 29,2019. It was specifically designed to have shorts, and thus technically follow Twitch's ultimatum, however, it would also be far more chubby and suggestive than the original. Thus, this apparently silly emote is actually a pointed statement that demonstrates the foolishness and arbitrariness of Twitch's emote policies.

The Original BitButt