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88bitmusic Discord


Created 12/01/2016
Last Seen 2020
Deletion Date ?
Channels 27
Members 400+
Alternate Names The Discord

Bututu! Come hang out in the dang Discord! We talk about music, games, what weird things Strevor Stromes is up to, you name it! All are welcome.


The 88bitmusic Discord server was created by Strevor Stromes on December 1, 2016.


He has subsequently threatened to delete it on numerous occasions, though these threats have never materialized.


No Smut

The discord is open to all and sundry! Please follow the rules and edicts, and try to keep it a kind place: https://discord.com/invite/JHNcP7Z

Rules and Edicts

  1. Be friendly. 88bitmusic is a happy place.
  2. Do your best to keep everything vaguely family-friendly (no NSFW content, no excessive swearing, etc.)
  3. Professor_Whom is not allowed to make jokes or question Strevor Stromes's authority.
  4. DUXthesavior is not allowed to talk about Craft Beer.
  5. Above all, have a great time! If you have questions, feel free to shoot Strevor Stromes or one of the mods a question. If Strevor Stromes is not online, send him a private message by clicking your display picture at the top left of the webpage/desktop app, then clicking "create a new message" and typing his name in the "who" area.