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Dictionarius, n.

Like a dictionary, but an imaginary one filled with only the ramblings of one under the influence of alcohol or other such substances.

"That's not a word? Then what's this I see in my dictionarius?"


Floober grobbers, n.

Any residual snot/mucus residing in your system after mostly recovering from an illness.

"Heck and dang, my head bones are filled with floober grobbers."

Frimpampulation, n.

The process of becoming frimpampulated.

"Trevor is well into his nightly frimpampulation at this point... better mute Discord."

Skumpnumper, n.

One who numps skump. To be considered a true skumpnumper, one must nump skump regularly, and not only when the numping of skump is convenient.

"Man, look at all those skumpnumpers. They sure know how to gridooble a flogobbin."

Thesauricus, n.

See "dictionarius."

"My dictionarius comes complete with an excellent thesauricus."

"Strevor Stromes is well into his nightly frimpampulation at this point... better mute Discord."

Gradoompers, n.

Breasts, those of a lady.

"Sweet mercy, those are some primo gradoompers on that squibnubbler right there."

Flubnubber, n.

One who nubs flub. To be considered a true flubnubber, one must nub flub regularly, and not only when the nubbing of flub is convenient.

"Man, that guy Leland is one heck of a flubnubber. I once saw him nub twenty flubs in an hour."

Fufferpish, n.

That one chunky black man who toots on his flumpety-horn real good like.

"Man, that fufferpish sure knows how to scootily-toot that face bugle."

Shrewdumper, n.

A word that Prof would like very much for me to define, but I never will.

"I will never define shrewdumper."

Dunkles, n.

Like cankles, but on your arms instead of your legs. Like wrists so fat you can barely turn them.

"I heard that guy Lerlando has a serious case of dunkles."

Flumpnumper, n.

See "flubnubber."

Flump, n.

The gunk that builds up in the cleft of a giraffe's hoof.

"Ew, man. Flump. Ew."

Hooba, n.

Creator of all possible universes, also a fun thing to say during a rap.

"Hooba be praised and also HOOBA HOOBA HOOBA, boy, that's a sick beat."

Babby, n.

The thing Dundy has many (far too many) of.

"Dundy, I swear if you have one more babby we're gonna stop paying for your Netflix." - Dundy's Dad

Dingledumper, n.

See "flubnubber."

Dingle, n.

Shorthand for "dingleberry," a small piece of fecal matter that has been ejected from the anus yet has not achieved complete separation, causing it to hang from the rectum very much like a berry.

"Man, I've got dingles for days. They're totally cramping my style. Grab me some tweezers."

Dumper, n.

One who dumps. Fairly self-explanatory.

"Do I really need to define 'dumper' for you? What are you, Portuguese?"

Grundletaint, n.

An imperfection found on a trundle.

”Over here you will see some very quality grundles, they are marred only by the slightest of grundletaints.”

Grubnubber, n.

One who nubs grubs.

”Gosh dang it Sonny, stop nubbin’ them grubs. I done up n’ taught you better than that.” - Pappy, 1856

Grunkleflunker, n.

One who flunks grunkle. Not much more to say about this.

“That right there is a grunkleflunker. I don’t have much more to say about this.”

Cocklebutt, n.

A savory pastry from Northern France, known for is particularly cockly flavor.

”My goodness grampshus, I gotta stuff summa dat cocklebutt all up in my face.”

Gronkle, n.

Like a kankle, but from your forearm to wrist. Like, serious wrist pudge.

”Ew, dat lady has gronkles. Steer clear.”


"Ew, man. Flump. Ew."

Nump, v.

The act of putting something on a cracker or tortilla chip.

"Dude, please do not nump that flump. Please."

Doobed, v.

Oppose of hoobed.

”Oh… I was just doobed. Not hoobed. Close one.”

Asploshe, v.

The act of combusting violently, such as when a human being hits the pavement after jumping off a tall structure.

”Oh goodness gravy watch out dat man gonna asploshe on the sidewalk.”

Appreepriate, v.

The act of stealing elements of a culture, but only, like, a little bit.

”Did you see how that guy used certain Mexican spices on his taco salad? Dat… dat some appreepriation right there.”

Approof, v.

It… it just means approve.

”Approof means approve.”


Franumpurred, adj.

Intoxicated, typically as a result of consumption of alcohol.

"Man, I sure am franumperred after grompdompling my skanoggin' with all that beerohol."

Grimpdumpled, adj.

Intoxicated, typically as a result of consumption of alcohol.

"Man, I sure am grimpdumpled after frompnobbling my cranials with all that tasty skootch."

Schenoobered, adj.

Intoxicated, typically as a result of consumption of alcohol.

"Man, I sure am schenoobered after rob-bobbling my head bones with that fun-times sauce."

Schlonkbonkered, adj.

Intoxicated, typically as a result of consumption of alcohol.

"Man, I sure am schlonkbonkered after redumpling my bumpnumples with that pleasure water."

Ridonculated, adj.

Intoxicated, typically as a result of consumption of alcohol.

"Man, I sure am ridonculated after froobdoobling my skidoobers with that numgrummy alco-numnums."

Frimpampulated, adj.

Intoxicated, typically as a result of consumption of alcohol.

"Man, I sure am frimpampulated after rehobnifying my bradoopius with all that rumskumple."

Dingalingal, adj.

Fluent in the language of Dinga, native tongue of the Dingalese.

"He may not know a word of English, but damned if that man isn't hella dingalingal."

Spaldodded, adj.

Like exploded, but way, way more spalded.

”Oh goodness gravy that man spaldodded all over the pavement when he flopdoppled from that very tall structure.”


Gluten Morgan, a colloquial greeting

Roughly translates to "good morning," but also serves as a warning that something contains a large amount of gluten, similar to Captain Morgan Rum.

"Gluten Morgan, my skumpnumpers." "Oh, no, you don't want to eat that. It has HELLA gluten morgan."

Son of Ten Biscuits, colloquial

An expression used to express only the gravest and most serious discontent.

"Son of ten biscuits, if I get hit by one more blue shell..."

Hompy Frompth of Jurbly, colloquial

Utterance used by those schanoobled by Fourth of July antics. Interestingly enough, this exact phrase is more commonly uttered on the Fourth of July than “Happy Fourth of July.”

”Hompy Frompth of Jurbly, ever… hic…. everbuggy.”

Sweet Dickin’ Piss, colloquial

An exclamation used to express great joy, anger, sadness, or constipation.

”Sweet dickin’ piss, i am both angry and constipated at this particular moment.”

Bututu, colloquial

A greeting, exclamation, food dish, nation, political appointment, currency, and method of travel.

”Holy heck, bututu sure means a lot of things.”


Mood Gorning, sci.

The process by which a mood is gorned.

”That is some serious mood gorning. I’m not sure what that means because the 88bitdictionarius didn’t make it very clear.”